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First Call Movie (2015)

About The Movie

Every war has its beginnings. When a peace treaty between the UNSC and the Day-Stalker Rebels goes south, its up to the Spartan VI's to prevent nuclear disaster! First Call evolves the overall depth of action, comedy, and story telling that made Last Call so successful.

Lt. David "RedSword"

The last surviving member of the Great Falconeers, David has been in the Spartan VI Program from the start. His "skills" in flying and swords have made him a force to be reckoned with, if someone makes him mad.

Voiced By: Tyler North


Pvt. Chase "Rift"

A new recruit in the UNSC, he is assigned to RedSword for field-evaluation.He specializes in CQC, heavy-lifting, and driving Warthogs.

Voiced By: Dakoda Houseman


Captain Price

As Captain of the UNSC, Price oversees all operations and negotiations. He is currently en' route to Outpost "Last Call" to negotiate a peace treaty with Day Stalker leader, Makarov.

Voiced By: Dakoda Houseman



Leader and Founder of the Day Stalker Rebels, Makarov's views on society have recruted most of the failed Spartan V troops. He feels that the only solution to everything is to bring back Communism to those that follow him, no matter how extreme he gets.

Voiced By: Seth




Maj. Michael "Road Block"

One-half of the most renown recon team, and brother to David. Lack of acknowledgement compared to his partner has led him to question his part in the war.

Voiced By: Michael North



Lt. Clair "Shark"

The second-half, and most popular of her and Michael's team, she specializes in stealth. Her pleading is the reason for her boyfriend, Chase, joining the UNSC. Michael's change in personality has led her suspicious of his future actions.

Voiced By: TBA


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