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Last Call Movie (2013)

About the movie

Last Call is the biggest machinima ever attempted by 1dchouseman. It follows a new Spartan VI by the nickname of Rift as he does his part in a future civil war between the UNSC and the Day-Stalker Rebels. Last Call was Released on September 13, 2013 on YouTube and Facebook. A DVD copy was released on November 6, 2013 containing the censored and uncensored versions of Last Call as well as the YouTube trailer, and the Making of video.


Know Thy Enemy

The civil war being fought is between two factions, the UNSC Spartan VI's, and the Day-Stalker Rebels. Knowing who is

who is essential when in war. The Two factions can be identified by their iconic emblems.


This Emblem belongs to the UNSC Spartan VIs. They believe peace and freedom is essential to maintain the world.



 This Emblem belongs to the Day-Stalker Rebels. They feel that dictatorship is the best to maintain the world, and only the fittest deserve to live.

UNSC Spartan VI- Chase "Rift"

Called "Rift" by others due to his quiet personality, Rift is sent to a Day-Stalker base to the east of New Alexandria to place a timed charge on a newly developed nuclear bomb.

UNSC Spartan VI- Claire "Shark"


Rift's girlfriend, "Shark" is known as the greatest recon spartan the UNSC has ever trained. Her nickname comes from her viciousness in the field and her ability to strike without warning.

UNSC Spartan VI- David "Red Sword"

 The last of the Great Falconeers, Red Sword is Rift's best friend, going back years before boot camp. He is often teased by Rift for his ability to hit any and all obstacles  in his path.

UNSC Spartan VI- Commander Price

The Commander of the UNSC, Price knows every move his spartans make to ensure victory.

Day-Stalker Rebel- Michael "Road Block"

Once a highly respected UNSC Spartan, Road Block's jealousy of his partner, Shark, leads him to betray her and join the Day-Stalker Rebels.

Day-Stalker Rebel- Rebel Grunt

Your average "from the mill" grunt soldier. They are more likely to attack in groups.

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